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When visiting Brazil for the World Cup, soccer fans will be able to seize the chance to try out the local delicacies1. Reflecting its warm climateand multicultural2 heritage, Brazil's cuisine3 is a colorful blend of Portuguese4, African and Native American ingredients and influences. Hereare eight must-try Brazilian culinary treats you can eat while watching the tournament.


Churrasco 巴西烤肉
In Brazil, churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term for a type of barbecue which originated in southern Brazil. It features different kinds of meat, pork, sausage and chicken which may be cooked over an open fire. The Brazilians have been barbecuing meat for a long time. Churrasco varies not only because of the variety of meat but also because of the sauces. One common way to serve churrasco in Brazil is ata buffet5, with waiters carrying trays of meat around the room and patrons choosing which cuts they want.
Feijoada 巴西肉烧豆
Feijoada, the national dish in Brazil, is a black bean stew6 with various types of beef and sausage. The modern feijoada completa is anelaborated version of a simple dish of beans flavored with meat. The sliced meats are displayed on a large platter, accompanied by thesemiliquid beans, rice, toasted farofa, sliced oranges, sliced onions, cooked cabbage, and a hot-pepper sauce.
Camaroes Jangaderiro 巴西风味椰奶虾
One of the most popular dishes in Brazil is Camarão Jangadeiro, a large plate of crispy breaded prawns7 stuffed with creamy Catupirycheese.
Brazilian hot sauce 巴西辣椒酱
Brazil is home to some pretty hot things, but nothing may be hotter than the malagueta pepper. Malagueta pepper is a type of chilli used inBrazil, Portugal and Mozambique. It is heavily used in the Bahia state of Brazil. It is widely used in Brazilian cuisine, going especially wellwith poultry8 dishes.
Brazil nuts 巴西坚果
Brazil is also famous for its homonymic9 nuts. Like all the other types of nuts, Brazil nuts are also known for their great taste and healthbenefits. Besides being one of the richest dietary sources for selenium, a vital mineral for human health, it contains significant amount ofmagnesium, phosphorus and thiamine, and is very rich in protein and dietary fiber10.
Salgado 炸鸡肉包
Savory11 little snacks you can eat at any time of the day when you are not hungry enough for a complete meal. It comprises dozens ofcategories, such as empada, risoles, pastel, quibe, esfiha, croquete, bolinha de queijo, enrolado, folhado and pão de batata. It usually consists of dough12 wrapped around chopped meat, chicken, ham and/or cheese.
Roulade 肉片卷
Roulade is a traditional dessert but when the Brazilians make it with mutton offal, it takes on a new taste.
Galinhada 巴西炖鸡饭
Galinhada is a stew of rice with chicken, which is a typical Brazilian dish in the states of Minas Gerais and Goiás.


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