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The sing of Cancer(巨蟹座) is ruled by the Moon, and is exceedingly sympathetic to Neptune1 influences as well. In consequence, the Cancer types (and there are two distinct types) are the most moody2, sensitive, impressionable of all the people of the Zodiac. They are whimsical(古怪的) , brooding, fanciful(想象的) personalities3, strongly instinctive4, but very timid, and unwilling5 to face realities. This is especially true of the feminine Cancer type. Perhaps at this point it might be advisable to classify the two varieties of this sign. One type might be called the masculine(男性的) , the other the feminine. The masculine, or active type differs in positive or active ways from the feminine or passive type. The feminine type finds the harsh struggle for existence too much for its soft make-up. These people cannot find the strength to pit them selves against the world, and they seek the security of something stable upon which to pin their faith as well as their place in the world. The home with its background of protective mother love is a sacred shrine6(圣地,神龛) for the Cancer person of both types. The feminine type feels safety and a haven7 from the harsh world of reality. The masculine type reveres8 the meaning of home in all of the traditional suggestions of the word. Both types have a great reverence9(崇敬) for the past, and an exaggerated idea of its virtues10. They see only glamorous11(迷人的) living conditions in the Golden Age; that is, they recognize only the golden part. To them, the past means the “good old days,” no matter how clear it is to the world of today that they were also “the bad days.”


1 Neptune LNezw     
  1. Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun.海王星是离太阳最远的行星。
  2. Neptune turned out to be a dynamic,stormy world.海王星原来是个有生气、多风暴的世界。
2 moody XEXxG     
  1. He relapsed into a moody silence.他又重新陷于忧郁的沉默中。
  2. I'd never marry that girl.She's so moody.我决不会和那女孩结婚的。她太易怒了。
3 personalities ylOzsg     
n. 诽谤,(对某人容貌、性格等所进行的)人身攻击; 人身攻击;人格, 个性, 名人( personality的名词复数 )
  1. There seemed to be a degree of personalities in her remarks.她话里有些人身攻击的成分。
  2. Personalities are not in good taste in general conversation.在一般的谈话中诽谤他人是不高尚的。
4 instinctive c6jxT     
  1. He tried to conceal his instinctive revulsion at the idea.他试图饰盖自己对这一想法本能的厌恶。
  2. Animals have an instinctive fear of fire.动物本能地怕火。
5 unwilling CjpwB     
  1. The natives were unwilling to be bent by colonial power.土著居民不愿受殖民势力的摆布。
  2. His tightfisted employer was unwilling to give him a raise.他那吝啬的雇主不肯给他加薪。
6 shrine 0yfw7     
  1. The shrine was an object of pilgrimage.这处圣地是人们朝圣的目的地。
  2. They bowed down before the shrine.他们在神龛前鞠躬示敬。
7 haven 8dhzp     
  1. It's a real haven at the end of a busy working day.忙碌了一整天后,这真是一个安乐窝。
  2. The school library is a little haven of peace and quiet.学校的图书馆是一个和平且安静的小避风港。
8 reveres fe59cd0ac1616ca48bb3eb2c00110d6c     
v.崇敬,尊崇,敬畏( revere的第三人称单数 )
  1. Confucian philosophy reveres the teacher above all. 儒家哲学最讲究尊重师长。 来自互联网
  2. Group's idea: Have in mind gratefully, the heart checks and reveres, sincerity serve, fulfil one's duty. 团队理念:胸怀感激、心存敬畏、诚信服务、尽职尽责。 来自互联网
9 reverence BByzT     
  1. He was a bishop who was held in reverence by all.他是一位被大家都尊敬的主教。
  2. We reverence tradition but will not be fettered by it.我们尊重传统,但不被传统所束缚。
10 virtues cd5228c842b227ac02d36dd986c5cd53     
美德( virtue的名词复数 ); 德行; 优点; 长处
  1. Doctors often extol the virtues of eating less fat. 医生常常宣扬少吃脂肪的好处。
  2. She delivered a homily on the virtues of family life. 她进行了一场家庭生活美德方面的说教。
11 glamorous ezZyZ     
  1. The south coast is less glamorous but full of clean and attractive hotels.南海岸魅力稍逊,但却有很多干净漂亮的宾馆。
  2. It is hard work and not a glamorous job as portrayed by the media.这是份苦差,并非像媒体描绘的那般令人向往。
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