Cancer 巨蟹座2
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The symbol of Cancer, the Crab1, with its hard, protective shell, clinging tenacious2(顽强的,坚韧的) claws and spasmodic(痉挛的) movements, is a key to the Cancer character. They want to be shielded, protected, and given their own way, petted by the world, so that no breath of opposition3 adds to the problems of life. Cancer people are responsive, full of sympathy for suffering or misfortune, and they respond with ready generosity4 to charitable appeals. This same instinct makes it possible for impostors to take advantage of them, as they would rather err5 on the side of giving too much than to refuse help because of doubt or skepticism(怀疑的态度) . Cancer people of the masculine(男性的) type male good relief workers, and the charity that has a Cancer native at the head is usually well financed, with a large bank account. A Cancer director of this sort organizes appeals to the public, and always manages to make successful demands on the public pocket. The hospital of day nursery run by the Cancer influence is always in funds. These people are good soap-box orators6(演说家) . Any cause strong enough to capture their interest will give them a crusading(改革运动) spirit. Considering the natural timidity of the sing-character, this is an admirable attitude, as it costs the Native a great deal to be so whole-souled and courageous7 when he is really frightened to death.


1 crab xoozE     
  1. I can't remember when I last had crab.我不记得上次吃蟹是什么时候了。
  2. The skin on my face felt as hard as a crab's back.我脸上的皮仿佛僵硬了,就象螃蟹的壳似的。
2 tenacious kIXzb     
  1. We must learn from the tenacious fighting spirit of Lu Xun.我们要学习鲁迅先生韧性的战斗精神。
  2. We should be tenacious of our rights.我们应坚决维护我们的权利。
3 opposition eIUxU     
  1. The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard.该党领袖在自己的党內遇到了反对。
  2. The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.警察设法制住了那个囚犯的反抗。
4 generosity Jf8zS     
  1. We should match their generosity with our own.我们应该像他们一样慷慨大方。
  2. We adore them for their generosity.我们钦佩他们的慷慨。
5 err 2izzk     
  1. He did not err by a hair's breadth in his calculation.他的计算结果一丝不差。
  2. The arrows err not from their aim.箭无虚发。
6 orators 08c37f31715969550bbb2f814266d9d2     
n.演说者,演讲家( orator的名词复数 )
  1. The hired orators continued to pour forth their streams of eloquence. 那些雇来的演说家继续滔滔不绝地施展辩才。 来自辞典例句
  2. Their ears are too full of bugles and drums and the fine words from stay-at-home orators. 人们的耳朵被军号声和战声以及呆在这的演说家们的漂亮言辞塞得太满了。 来自飘(部分)
7 courageous HzSx7     
  1. We all honour courageous people.我们都尊重勇敢的人。
  2. He was roused to action by courageous words.豪言壮语促使他奋起行动。
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