日期:2018-03-04 A south Indian state has become possibly the first in the world to offer publicly-funded breast implants, its health minister arguing, Why should beauty treatment not be available to the poor? 印度南部的一个邦或许是世界上首个提供公费隆胸福利的地方。... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-28 Construction begins on a new intercity railway between Beijing and Xiongan New Area that will shorten travel time to half an hour. 北京至雄安新区城际铁路将开工,该铁路将使两地之间的行程时间缩短至半小时。 The railway will be 92.4 kilometers long with... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-28 The owner of a chicken farm has captured a rare wild leopard cat, reports chinanews.com. 中新网报道,一座养鸡场的主人抓到一只罕见的野生豹猫。 The farmer says he and his family managed to capture the animal on February 26 after discovering that aroun... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-27 Chinese authorities have published a guideline Monday on recycling new energy vehicle (NEV) batteries. 中国政府周一公布了新能源汽车电池回收指导方针。 China encourages the research of NEV battery recycling and supports relevant cooperation between re... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-27 A Chinese traditional cough syrup, called Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, is becoming even more popular among New Yorkers in this flu season, following a U.S. news report. 美国一篇新闻报道显示,中国一种传统止咳糖浆,京都念慈安蜜炼川贝枇杷膏,在纽约人中大受欢迎... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-27 A Chinese graduate student living with cerebral palsy has been offered a full scholarship to the doctoral program at Stony Brook University in New York, reports the Peoples Daily. 《人民日报》报道,一位患脑瘫的中国研究生获得纽约石溪大学博士生项目全... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-27 Giant panda Yongming has been awarded Japans animal grand prize by the Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA), according to Chengdu Research Base for Giant Pandas in Sichuan. 四川成都大熊猫繁育研究基地表示,大熊猫永明被日本防... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-26 The death of Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor at 54 has left Indians in shock, prompting an outpouring of grief across the nation. 年仅54岁的宝莱坞超级巨星诗丽黛玮卡普尔辞世,引起全国人民的悲痛之情。 Saddened by the untimely demise of noted actor... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-26 The emergency response has ended as ferry services on the Qiongzhou Strait in south Chinas Hainan Province returned to normal Monday, according to local authorities. 海南省政府表示,琼州海峡轮渡服务周一恢复正常,应急响应宣告结束。 Rare heavy fog tha... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-26 The German luxury carmaker BMW will join forces with Chinas Great Wall Motors Company Limited to shift part of the production of its Mini brand to China, the Munich-based company announced on Friday. 德国豪华汽车制造商宝马周五表示,该公司将于中国长... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-26 Chinese sailors have been allowed to land at Indias ports for rest for the first time in decades, reports Xinhua News Agency. 新华社报道,几十年来中国船员首次获许登上印度港口休息。 Ten sailors from Chinese cargo vessel Houston landed at a port in Mu... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-24 Authorities in east Chinas Zhejiang Province have confirmed they will build the countrys first expressway that incorporates support for autonomous vehicles, reports Science and Technology Daily. 《科技日报》报道,浙江省将建造全国首条支持自动驾驶汽车... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-22 Chinas domestic box office has exceeded 4.6 billion yuan (around 725 million USD) through the first five days of the Chinese Lunar New Year, breaking the sales record for the same period, reports CRI Online. 国际在线报道,春节假期前五天中国内地电影... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-22 Beijing Municipality is considering allowing foreign professionals to bring their own domestic servants to work in Beijing this year, authorities said Wednesday. 北京市政府周三表示,今年起将允许外国专家带着保姆在北京一起工作。 Beijing municipal comm... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-22 A heavy fog has disrupted ferry services on the Qiongzhou Strait in south China, stranding over 100,000 passengers and more than 10,000 cars in Hainan island, local authorities said Wednesday, the last day of Spring Festival holiday. 海南省政府周三... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-22 A plastics chemical linked to reduced fertility in men is in the majority of teenagers, research has found. 研究发现,大多数青少年体内都含有一种与男性生育能力下降有关的塑料化合物。 More than 80 percent of teenagers have traces of the chemical compou... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-14 Mercedes-Benz (China) will recall 20,779 vehicles in China over faulty seat belts, according to Chinas top quality regulator. 因安全带问题梅赛德斯-奔驰将在国内召回20779辆汽车。 The recall was filed by Mercedes-Benz (China) Automotive Sales Co. and B... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-13 London City Airport closed on Monday after a 500-kilogramme World War II-era bomb was found at a neigbouring dock. 伦敦市机场周一关闭,因附近的码头上发现一颗二战时期重500公斤的哑弹。 Police said the bomb was discovered on Sunday at the George V Dock... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-13 As most couriers reunite with their families for the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival, foreign couriers have appeared on Shanghais street to continue deliveries during the most important holiday for the Chinese, reports the chinanews.com. 中新网报道... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-02-13 Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday visited Yingxiu Town of Wenchuan County. 中国国家主席习近平周一前往汶川县映秀镇考察。 Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, visited the ruins of a middle school, where he la... 阅读全文>>
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