Michael Jordan
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There were already signs that he had a good deal of talent. Harvest Smith, a classmate and close friend who in those days played basketball with him practically1 every day, thought he was the best player on their ninth-grade team -- he was small, but he was every quick. "You'd see him get a shot2 off, and you'd wonder how he did it, because he wasn't that bit," Smith said, "but it was the quickness. The only question was how big he was going to be -- and how far up he would take his skill level." 
The summer after ninth grade, Jordan and Smith both went to Pop Herring's basketball camp. Neither of them had yet come into his body, and almost all of the varsity players, two and sometimes three years older, seemed infinitely3 stronger at that moment when a year or two in physical development can make all the difference. In Smith's mind there was no doubt which of the two of them was the better player--it was Michael by far. But on the day the varsity cuts were announced -- it was the big day of the year, for they had all known4 for weeks when the list would be posted -- he and Roy Smith had gone to the Laney gym. Smith's name was on it, Michael's was not. 
It was the worst day of Jordan's young life. The list was alphabetical5(字母的), so he focused6 on where the Js should be, and it wasn't there, and he kept reading and rereading the list, hoping somehow that he had missed it, or that the alphabetical listing had been done incorrectly7. That day he went home by himself and went to his room and cried. Smith understood what was happening -- Michael, he knew, never wanted you to see him when he was hurt. 
"We knew Michael was good," Fred Lynch, the Laney assistant coach, said later, "but we wanted him to play more and we thought the jayvee(运动二队) was better for him." He easily became the best player on the jayvee that year. He simply dominated8 the play, and he did it not by size but with quickness. There were games in which he would score forty points. He was so good, in fact, that the jayvee games became quite popular. The entire varsity began to come early so they could watch him play in the jayvee games. 
Smith noticed that while Jordan had been wildly competitive9 before he had been cut, after the cut he seemed even more competitive than ever, as if determined10 that it would never happen again. His coaches noticed it, too. "The first time I ever saw him, I had no idea who Michael Jordan was. I was helping11 to coach the Laney varsity," said Ron Coley. "We went over to Goldsboro, which was our big rival12, and I entered the gym when the jayvee game was just ending up. There were nine players on the court just coasting, but there was one kid playing his heart out. The way he was playing I thought his team was down one point with two minutes to play. So I looked up at the clock and his team was down twenty points and there was only one minute to play. It was Michael, and I quickly learned13 he was always like that." 
Between the time he was cut and the start of basketball in his junior year, Jordan grew about four inches. The speed had always been there, and now he was stronger, and he could dunk .His hands had gotten much bigger, Smith noticed. He was as driven as ever, the hardest-working player on the team in practice. If he thought that his teammates were not working hard enough, he would get on them himself, and on occasion14 he pushed the coaches to get on them. Suddenly Laney High had the beginning of a very good basketball team, and its rising star was Michael Jordan.


1 practically HPjxb     
  1. He solved the problem very practically.他很实事求是地解决了这个问题。
  2. She's practically always late for school.她上学几乎总是迟到。
2 shot xyiwb     
  1. He shot a wild duck.他射中一只野鸭。
  2. All the children shot out their hands for the money.所有的孩子突然伸出手来要钱。
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  1. Please arrange these books in alphabetical order.请把这些书按字母顺序整理一下。
  2. There is no need to maintain a strict alphabetical sequence.不必保持严格的字顺。
6 focused 8acc1df806644849e2432655065c3b7c     
adj.聚焦的v.(使)集中, (使)聚集( focus的过去式和过去分词 );调整(镜头,眼睛)焦点[焦距]以便看清;(光、声等的)焦点;集中(光束于)
  1. Research has focused on improving the car's aerodynamics. 研究的重点是改善轿车的流线型。
  2. The discussion focused on three main problems. 讨论集中在三个主要问题上。
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8 dominated 334b534a2e3ae8d7b66f1cbabd9888b2     
受控的 -tive
  1. As a child he was dominated by his father. 他小时候由父亲主宰一切。
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10 determined duszmP     
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11 helping 2rGzDc     
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  2. By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
12 rival Dhhyq     
  1. None of us can rival him in strength.我们谁也没他劲大。
  2. She defeat all her rival for the job with nonchalant ease.她从容不迫地击败求职的所有竞争者。
13 learned m1oxn     
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14 occasion DIAxo     
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  2. Her tears were fought back on such an occasion.在这种场合下她忍住了眼泪。
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