Mary Ann Nichols's Ghost
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In the early hours of 31st August 1888, the body of Mary Ann Nichols was discovered in a stable entrance on buck's row (now durward street). Nichols was the first whitechapel murder victim of the serial1 killer2 known as jack3 the ripper.
On the morning of her death she returned to the lodgings4 from a local thawl street pub called the frying pan some time after 12.30am. However she did not have the money (four pence) to pay for a bed for the night and mary nichols went out on the street saying she would soon earn enough money for the night's bed. She intended to sell her body and thought that her new bonnet5 would help attract a customer.
Charles Cross, a carter found polly at around 3.40am lying in bucks6 row on her back, legs straight out and her skirts raised to her waist. Robert pal7 another carter arrived shortly and unsure whether she was dead or not they decided8 to get back to work and inform a policeman when they see one.
The carters did not actually raise the alarm to the murder, this fell to constable9 john neil who discovered mary and her horrific wounds. Mary's throat had been slashed10 from ear to ear and cut back to the vertebrae. Her wind pipe and gullet had been severely11 slashed and there had also been extensive slashing12 and ripping of her abdomen13.
There is little left of bucks row today, on dark nights though the area seems stuck in a time-warp, over the past century there have been numerous sightings of a huddled14 figure lying on the ground emitting a ghostly green light. The apparition15 is seen on the same spot that Mary Ann Nichols body was discovered.


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  1. A new serial is starting on television tonight.今晚电视开播一部新的电视连续剧。
  2. Can you account for the serial failures in our experiment?你能解释我们实验屡屡失败的原因吗?
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  1. Heart attacks have become Britain's No.1 killer disease.心脏病已成为英国的头号致命疾病。
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12 slashing dfc956bca8fba6bcb04372bf8fc09010     
adj.尖锐的;苛刻的;鲜明的;乱砍的v.挥砍( slash的现在分词 );鞭打;割破;削减
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  2. But the terror of this new apparition brought me to a stand.这新出现的幽灵吓得我站在那里一动也不敢动。
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